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Installing your wall mural  MADE EAZY!


To install your Eazywallz Wall Mural, follow the few steps below. Please note that along with every order, you will receive a detailed Installation Instructions Sheet.



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open the tube containing your wall mural

Wash the surface and let dry before applying your wall mural

Peel the backing off your wall mural

apply your wall mural by sticking it on the surface


Open the sturdy Eazywallz cardboard tube

Look for the panel number on the back of each one

Panel number "1" is the first panel on the left

If you are not a professional installer, we strongly recommend you call a friend! Two people will make the installation far easier.


Wash off any dirt, hair, dust or residue from old wallpaper with a DRY cloth. Do not use water. 

For freshly painted walls, please wait 3-4 weeks for the paint to fully dry

A clean and dry wall will help the adhesive from your wall mural to keep its stickiness if repositioning is required 

If you purchased a wall mural that is smaller than your actual size wall, simply start by making a guideline, just like you would do to hang a regular poster or a picture frame


Peel off a few inches across the top of the first panel

Stick the top left corner of the panel to the top left corner of your wall. This is the easiest place to start.

Then, stick the top right corner of the panel to the wall

Peel off the rest of the panel by gradually pulling down the backing

Stick it gradually to the wall by gently pushing it with your hand or a plastic/rubber smoothing tool to avoid wrinkles


 Once the first panel is applied, and if necessary, remove any bubbles by gently pushing them outward with your hand/smoothing tool

Start by aligning the second panel to the first one. Simply stick the second panel against the edge of the first one.

Repeat steps above for each additional panel

if you are not happy, just peel your wall mural off and re-stick it!

Trim any undesired excess with a sharp blade

That's it! Now enjoy your wall mural!

Take a picture of your wall mural and send it to us!


If you didn╩╝t get one of your wall mural's panel in the right position the first time, no problem! Slowly and gently remove the panel from the surface and start over. 

To avoid any damage to your wall while removing, keep the wall mural as flat and parallel to the wall as possible. Use your hand to gradually hold back the wall mural during this process.


Once all panels have been applied, slowly trim all the overage by using an utility knife with a sharp blade. Follow the edges of your wall to do so

Repeat the step above to trim around outlets, fuse boxes, doors, windows, etc., if needed 


That's all folks! You just created a beautiful wall decor in just minutes.

Now you can relax and enjoy your wall mural!


Feel free to take a picture of your new wall mural and send it to us. At Eazywallz, we would love to see what it looks like!

Your picture will be shown in the "Customers' Examples" page of our website, and in exchange, you will receive a gift from us!


Watch our quick "How to Install" Video! 



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