Having your first baby and want to create a unique nursery decor? With Eazywallz wallpaper murals and photo murals, give your baby a completely personalized place to call its own.

Why using a mass produced wall decor when you can create your very own and only? Your baby is unique, so should be its nursery! With Eazywallz FREE Custom Service, turning any image into the perfect Baby wall mural is fast and easy!

- Start by picking up a theme: from Adorable Zoo to Funny Clouds and from Little Fabric Hearts to Tender Teddy Bear, our choice of Baby Wall Murals and wallpaper murals is vast, yet always cute. Our wall murals will help stimulate your baby's creative and developing mind, as well as providing endless hours of joy and entertainment.

- Customize the colors: the colors you see on a mural don't have to be the ones you'll get. Contact us and we will make your wall mural the way you want it!

- Customize the size: Need a different size wall mural than the ones we offer? Done! Simply provide us with the exact measurements of your nursery's walls and we will take care of the rest.

- Add your Baby's name: your baby's wall mural would not be completely personalized without its name on it! Send us your request and we will happily add it for you. Affordable and very easy to install, our Baby Wall Murals can be removed without damaging your walls when the nursery later transitions to a toddler's room.

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