4 creative ways to style your relaxation room

After you have spent countless hours finding the right coach for your personal space it's time to get creative and add that extra piece of wall art to create that next level zen feel. Sometimes relaxing is reading a book, doing your nails, or watching t.v but most of the time we just plop down and stare at the walls wondering where did all our energy go. So why not decorate those walls with eazywallz unique peel & stick wall murals that you can easily lose yourself in. From dreamy vacation beach getaways to cosmic galaxies we have everything where your mind wants you to venture! Here are 4 great creative ways that people have transformed their space into something special.

Check out this awesome job done by @edgequarters with the full room space theme! 


Full Landscape Nature theme in a Spa! 


via @ameliakyoga - Our popular morning forest wall mural. 


Why not sleep in the clouds? Next Level Relaxation!