5 Great Websites for Really Cool Things!

We have compiled a couple of great websites for you guys that we think you'll love! Since eazywallz is a unique and cool product, we think these sites offer great products similar to us. Whether it is a weird lamp or a funny carpet, most of these items will couple great with our wall murals. If you're choosing a wall mural or you have already chosen a large scale wall photo, these sites can help you implement it into your home plan. Use their amazing resources to bring you that dream home you have always wanted!


1. Gear Hungry | www.gearhungry.com 

Gear hungry is home to everything that you actually really, really want. This cool site searches all over the  internet for classy products that will fit into all your home decor. From funny cool stuff to amazing pieces of home decor, gear hungry has it all! Check out their home category for a wide variety of products to match your wall mural! 


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2. Can you Actually | www.canyouactually.com

Finding ideas that actually entice you are hard to come by. Unless you got a resource like canyouactually.com. You can browse tons of articles showcasing new and cool products from around the world. Please be aware that you can find yourself browsing for hours! Check them out!



3. Cool Things | www.coolthings.com

Cool Things is a great place to find, well, cool things! From small things like keychains to big things like camping gear they talk about it all. This is also the place to be if your looking out for new trends or want to browse new inventions! 

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4.  Gear Patrol | www.gearpatrol.com 

One of the top sites for trending gear and great stuff, gear patrol has it all. With a fresh outtake on today's top products and its own store at store.gearpatrol.com it's basically a one stop shop for everyone. With awesome photography and amazing layouts, this website is one of the best hands down! 

5. This is why im broke | www.thisiswhyimbroke.com

If your looking for the ultimate site for things you cant buy anywhere else and are out of this world you got to check out this site. Tons of jaw-dropping products flow through this page that will guarantee to get you to say "I want that!"