So you like street art? That doesn’t mean you have to tour the back alleys of every major urban city to find the creative flair that you are looking for. The beauty and boldness of street art is no longer solely for the enjoyment of those carrying the spray cans, or simply passing by.  

Consider our wall murals for your wall décor! It’s for everyone now. The location used to be half the thrill to this artwork, but you can enjoy it in your home. It’s still produced in ways that involve risk. The illicit locations, the heights of a billboard, the thrill of the job all make for a compelling art form. It all varies from project to project.

With the rise of documentaries such as Exit Through the Gift Shop the work of street artists such as Banksy, Obey and El Mac is becoming well known. Their art has gone from these inherently risky locations to the front room of anyone who is interested. It’s become commercially accessible.

The “Street Art Wave” is no longer limited by location. There are books, movies and web sites devoted to this form. You can learn about these secretive artists in more ways than ever. Their colorful, vibrant work is now available for display right on your own walls with Eazywallz' wall murals and photo murals . Consider hanging a graffiti wall mural. The bright boldness and color carries the same look and feel that the street art movement is known for. It can bring out an urban, trendy and creative flair right there in your home. This is no longer something for the few to enjoy.

Abstract graffiti and street art wall murals are perfect for teens’ rooms. They are perfect for man caves, lofts, or any room that you want to bring an eye-catching creative flair to the forefront. has a wide selection of street art wall murals, wallpaper murals and photo murals in the urban category. Consider urbanizing your home today with these trendy wall coverings.

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