Want to add a personal touch to your living space or work space? You may want to try something a little outside the box—maps. Sure, they have a very practical purpose, but they are an excellent way to decorate a room as well.  

Map wall murals and photo murals can add a personal feel to any room. Vintage maps can liven any room in the house or apartment, like a piece of art would. They are a great way to show a sense of appreciation for history. They are works of art that are unique to the period in which they were created. Have you been a lifelong resident of a certain city, state or province? Maybe you can find an old-time map, which will help showcase your love of the place. It would bring character to the room, and possibly showcase some of your favorite hot spots.

Maybe it’s simply an old time world map to add your personal touch. Many come with their own artistic flair. You can often tell what era the map was drawn, and where it was made, simply by looking at it. This can enhance the look and feel of any room in your house.

Map murals and wallpaper murals can also be a nice addition to offices. They have a professional and elegant feel, and can serve practical purposes if your employees need to be aware of the nearby geography. Map wall murals are also a perfect addition to the classroom. They show children the difference between the Carolinas and the Dakotas. They need to know the difference between the Atlantic Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.

Consider using them to liven up your space.

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