Have you worked hard to create a vintage look to your home? Does all of your furniture serve as an ideal throwback to another era? Well, we may have the perfect way to complete the look for you.  

What about hanging one of a map wall murals from These wall murals are not only historical tools, but were carefully selected for their vintage look and feel. They can be the perfect way to showcase your love for a specific city or country, and complete the feel of a room at the same time. The pale brown, blue and orange hues from many of these maps are perfect for any type of rustic, country or French décor. They easily blend in to the room without becoming too bold.

For instance, the 1889 Maps of California and Nevada Wall Mural is the perfect addition for anyone who wants to celebrate the history of the American West. But the vintage look and feel of this piece can also complete the look of a room decorated with a few antiques from this period. The 1889 New York City Map Wall Mural serves as a beautiful depiction of what this great city once was, more than a century ago. The beautiful rich blues of the bay, and the zig-zags of the city lines also make for beautiful design elements. This throwback piece could be enough to complete any room that is comprised of vintage pieces from this time.

These map wall murals from make for the most elegant interior design pieces. They can provide that illusive “final touch” to any room that offers a vintage feel.

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