It’s night time. You’re wandering through a barren forest, alone and lost. Trees rustle behind you, making you uneasily peek over your shoulder at every turn. It sounds like the scene of a new horror movie.It’s actually a scene that you can replicate to celebrate Halloween in any room of your house.  

With a wide selection of black and white forest wall murals from, you can truly replicate a spooky scene that is ideal for any bedroom, den, living room or office. Since these wall murals are as easy to remove as they are to apply, they are a perfect addition for a holiday such as Halloween. Nothing screams Halloween like a dark and dreary forest. There are several wall murals from that will help anyone to get into the Halloween spirit.

Take the Forest In The Fog Wall mural, for example. These barren, skinny trees would create a challenging labyrinth to navigate alone on a chilled and foggy fall evening. They also add to the allure of any room in the house. The Birch Trunks Wall Mural might also recreate a pretty spooky place to spend your Halloween. Running from monsters (or at the least large animals) through this forest would be enough to give anyone the creeps. Hanging it on the wall would turn any room in the house into a scary place to spend Halloween. Even the Winter Alley Wall Mural would create a chilling place to run from your fears. This wall mural would also go well in any room of the house. The Dramatic Niagara Falls, Canada Wall Mural, Breakwater in Quiet Sea Wall Mural, and the Lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove Nova Scotia Wall Mural all also capture some pretty spooky places to be.

These scenes can fit an entire wall, and change the ambiance in a room, the perfect way to create a little fright.

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