You painstakingly searched the real estate listings for just the right place: Close to downtown but not in a high-rise; near the historic district but with ample modern upgrades; and, just enough updating to make your new home comfortable without being overpriced.

Your efforts finally paid off, and you and your family have comfortably settled in to that 3-bedroom townhome within a stone’s throw of your city’s monuments and cobblestones. And life has finally begun to settle down.

But something from your home’s design seems to be missing. The walls are painted in muted, tasteful tones, and the floors reflect a warm, wooden glow. And while you’re glad that you didn’t go for the grittily historic townhome that needed major work, like your relatives did, you wish you could now add some of its vintage charm to…maybe just one wall.

One popular home design site lists more than 172,000 brick wallpaper home design photos that promise to turn that one plain wall of yours into a textured showpiece worthy of an historic site. Try as you might, though, none of the designs quite evoke what you remember seeing during your house search.

What if you could visit your relatives’ home, snap a couple of photos of the wall you love and then create a custom wall covering for your place that perfectly reproduces the overall look?

When you work with EazyWallz, you can custom size any of our images to your specifications. Or upload your own photo of those centuries-old bricks and get it looking exactly the way you want. Need to add a subtle designer flair to the image? Take advantage of our free graphic design services to add just the right touch to your vision.

Concerned about installation or potential damage to your walls? Fear not. Our custom wall murals feature an adhesive system that not only won’t harm your walls, but will also allow you to move your creation and/or reposition it as you please.

And did we mention that we also offer free ground shipping on every order, every day?

Go ahead. Get creative with those beautiful bricks. And put the finishing touches on that special home that will be made all the more complete with a textured touch of history.