Wall murals can totally transform the look and feel of office areas. And not simply in a corporate way, with logos and well-lit photos of products that simply turn a wall into a large-scale advertisement for the company.

More and more, companies are taking advantage of the effects of high-impact graphics and design to suggest a unique corporate culture.

The good folks at Creative Blog recently collected several prime examples of beautifully conceived office murals. Here are a few to get your own creative juices flowing:

Where else might you expect to find a stimulating wall mural than in the offices of social media giant Facebook? For the company’s Seattle offices, a couple of designers created an otherworldly creature making his way through a surreal cyberspace atmosphere, toting a flag with the word “hack” in colorful, playful letters. "They gave us a few keywords that represented the culture and atmosphere at Facebook,” says the design team. “'Making The World More Connected' and ‘Hacker' got the most votes internally, so we dug into those ideas as our direction.”

Advertising agency Weiden + Kennedy decided to get right to the point when making a corporate culture statement. Made out of pushpins, the company’s mural features two words in a script font: “Fail Harder,” which underscores the co-founder’s conviction that creative victories are typically bestowed only on those who are willing to risk absolute defeat.

Not to be outdone by the likes of Facebook or Twitter (Creative Blog also profiles the tweeters’ U.K. office), Google got into the mural game for its New York and Mountain View offices. Where to begin with the search behemoth? With its primary color scheme, of course, which just about every Internet searcher has unconsciously acknowledged as practically owned by Google. The result is a white background with black inked doodles that intersect with and connect various triangles in Google’s chosen colors – an approach that was intended to infuse the office with something new and stimulating.

While you’re at it, check out a few cool ideas of our own, whether for your home, office or business. And make your walls speak by you, for you.