The idea of decorating one room in the house to full holiday effect has a certain appeal, particularly for homeowners who have been known to maintain rooms year-round in certain festive styles, such as those associated with Christmas.

Taking that idea one step further, it’s entirely possible to maintain the holiday look of a room while changing its tone to be in line with various seasons. And even if you’ve decided to keep that “Christmas room” all year round, exactly as you designed it 20 years ago, there’s still a way to add to its appeal without losing any of the holiday-specific charm.

For that Victorian-style Christmas room that’s chock full of fluffy artificial snow piles and illuminated Dickensian houses, try adding a mural effect to at least one wall. A custom-made photo of a vintage London streetscape could add just the right level of background mood to your permanent decorations. So could a classic photo of a Christmas-themed play. You might even consider muralizing a photo of a child’s contemporary pageant or concert—a perfect counterpoint to the traditions evoked by Victorian décor.

For a more modern take, consider adding a mural elsewhere in the house that suggests a favorite warm-weather spot, such as the beaches of Hawaii. It’s sure to be a favorite among those who prefer warmer climates, even in the midst of a festive winter holiday party.

If you enjoy dabbling in something completely different, household murals can also offer laughs and entertainment in the form of cartoons or other comic scenarios. The cartoons of Edward Gorey have long been a source of inspiration for other artists with less-than-mainstream senses of humor. Gorey’s style is completely in keeping with a more modern take on holidays such as Hallowe’en. Try gathering inspiration from his works to create a similarly themed one of your own.

And when you work with EazyWallz, you get the peace of mind that comes with murals that won’t harm walls and which can be removed and repositioned with ease – making it entirely possible to change the look of your Christmas room all year round.