Whether it’s an appropriated extra space in the garage or a transformed former basement workshop, the mancave has slowly edged up the list of rooms that every truly complete home must have.

What started out as a place to enjoy an adult beverage while catching up with friends or watching televised sporting events has morphed into full-outfitted spaces that often include grown-up toys such as jukeboxes, pool tables, pinball machines and even working (just for fun) slot machines. Throw in an assortment of neon signs, reclining furniture and colorful lighting, and the mancave looks almost complete.

What’s missing? One often overlooked way to define and maximize the overall design of a mancave is to add full-sized wall art to the room. This can easily be done by applying sports-themes murals from EazyWallz. Just imagine the extra bit of atmosphere for Game Day when you add our 50-Yard Line Mural to one wall. Positioned in just the right way, that addition can lend a desired feeling of being at the game live.

Want to go for a grittier, urban feel for your man-themed lounge? Check out our Urban & Street Art Wall Murals, where you can add a touch of harder reality to your surroundings. These murals also work well for loft spaces, which might not offer the seclusion of a cave—except in one particular muraled corner. And you don’t have to stick with merely abstract images. We offer several iconic urban images, including those of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York street signs and the Chicago Riverwalk.

Of course, you might be tempted to add a more personalized touch to your mancave – such as that selfie you took while cheering the winning goal at a professional hockey game, complete with players celebrating in the background, as though they’re part of your retinue. You might also want to upload your favorite photo from childhood of a classic sports park or arena.

It’s all possible and simple with Eazy Wallz. Choose from among our images or upload one of your own, and get started on transforming your makeshift game room into an all-encompssing work of art.