New parents have been known to go on extended shopping sprees for every possible piece of equipment that might be needed for the first few years of raising a child.

Manufacturers are only too happy to oblige, offering furniture, toys and recreational equipment that comes in just about every color imaginable, though favorites for the early years usually focus on variations of primary yellows, reds and blues.

Once all of the items are unpacked, assembled and placed in the child’s playroom, parents face another, immediate decision: “What color should I paint the walls?”

This, of course, is an entirely personal choice, which is not to say that it is without obstacles. No sooner might you settle on one color than it could suddenly clash with, say, those adorable tables and chairs you worked so hard to find.

One solution: “Paint” the walls with a mural or three. By using EazyWallz removable murals, this is an especially wise choice to make for those who know that they’ll soon be changing the playroom into a different space once the kids are in school. And renters can also take advantage of using murals for this kind of temporary home décor. You can even upload your child’s very own artwork to our site and create a customized mural. And when you’re ready to change the look because it’s grown old or passé, all you need to do is peel away the old mural and put a new one in place – without any damage to your walls.

You also can avoid confining your choice to a single piece of artwork. We offer you the option of creating a collage of images – another wise choice when there’s more than one budding artist in the house!

Need more ideas and inspiration for your playroom? Check out more than 30,000 design ideas for playrooms here. And then go ahead and come up with something all your own. What better way to let your kids know that their playroom space is truly one-of-a-kind?