Bathrooms typically don’t feature much in the way of fine art. The humidity of the surrounding environs, as well as the space’s utilitarian purposes, sometimes cause homeowners to think twice before hanging an original piece of artwork over the tub or against a barren wall.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives to displaying a precious oil painting over a body of soapy water. Some of those – such as ordering a custom-painted tile design to grace the shower surround – can be as expensive as they are effective. Worse, you can sometimes be stuck with a design that can only be replaced by opting for another expensive procedure – removing and re-installing tile.

A better choice? Browse through some of the themes on our site to find a complementary mural for your bathroom’s wall, custom-fit to your exact specifications. Or come up with your own design/collage that will wind up being more personal to you and your family.

Eazy Wallz murals are ideal for children’s bathrooms. Let’s face it: Most kids don’t look forward to bath time. With a custom-made mural based on their very own artwork, though, the bathroom could become one of your child’s favorite spaces.

Tired of this year’s look (which maybe took a bit of a beating from bubble bath wars)? No problem. Sit down with your child, choose a whole other theme for this year, place your order with Eazy Wallz and then replace the old with the new, with no mess, no wall damage.

Need more ideas to get you started? Browse through some of these solutions from As you’ll see, nothing adds a touch of old-world class and charm to a bathroom wall like a copy of an elegant fresco, custom trimmed to fit a specific wall space. For murals that accent various parts of the room other than the bathtub, consider the “day at the beach” approach, where a muraled umbrella appears to tilt out of the “sand” that’s just out of sight behind the baseboards.

There’s no end to the various ways in which you can use murals to spice up an otherwise humdrum space. Need more inspiration? Contact one of our design specialists today!