When considering what to do with the walls of a space, it’s fairly easy to settle on something neutral, simple and easy to install.

For those spaces which require some extra flair, though, an ordinary set of walls just won’t do. One solution? Creating a wall-sized work of art – like, say, an aquarium -- that looks as though it’s about to come alive before your very eyes.

Here are just a few ideas, courtesy of

For something nautically themed that isn’t too overpowering, consider the Tropical Reef Kitchen, a tiled look (you could recreate the textured feel on one of our custom murals, if you like) that’s understated enough to serve as an effective backdrop—and yet impactful enough to perfectly complement a kitchen space.

Can’t figure out how to complete that basement entertainment room with the plastered, faux-stone arch and sturdy columns? Try turning the recessed wall area of that setup into a submariner’s paradise, complete with plenty of aquatic life swimming about a series of weathered Greek columns. In one version of this design, the homeowner has also included a nifty porthole-like space in the ceiling to evoke that under-the-sea atmosphere.

For a child’s room, the realistic approach can work as well as a cartoonish one. In fact, by using every available inch of wall space to complete the look, you may end up creating the illusion that the room itself is at the center of the aquarium – an effect that’s sure to delight the inhabitants and stimulate their imaginations.

You could even opt for an approach that utilizes a real aquarium that sits opposite a wall with a collage of aquatic themes and subjects. This combination could have the effect of making your actual aquarium appear to be larger than it really is, which could turn out to be a plus in a smaller space.

Need still more ideas? Take advantage of the ideas on our web site to come up with the aquatic themed mural that’s just right for you.