One of Colorado’s great cultural jewels – home of the country’s fifth oldest opera company – is the Central City Opera House, which was built in 1878 by Cornish and Welsh miners. The City of Central was once known as The Richest Square Mile on Earth, with miners of every stripe camped out wherever they could find a spot to pitch their tent and stake their claim among the burgeoning gold fields.

The miners had brought with them a fine tradition of music appreciation. In 1877, locals initiated a drive to build the opera house. A high-profile Denver architect designed the classic stone exterior, while a San Francisco artist added exquisite trompe l’oeil murals to grace the interior walls. Those murals still exist today, and are masterful works of art that, as the style of trompe l’oeil suggests, deceive the eye into believing that the images depicted are actually three-dimensional. The opera house’s paintings are considered one of the building’s greatest features – with a strategically placed cooling stream that runs underneath the building coming in a close second.

And while Central City’s murals belong exclusively to the opera house association, you could very likely create your own, similar effects and upload them to Eazy Wallz. You could specify the exact size for each wall of the room that you wish to turn into a mini historic theater, and then easily apply the printed murals to complete the effect. If you really want to get authentic, install a few theater chairs with these names carved on their backs: Beverly Sills, Buffalo Bill and Lillian Gish—all of whom played significant roles in Colorado’s cultural development.

Not sure you want the historic look for every day of the year? Murals made by Eazy Wallz can be removed without any damage to your wall surfaces. You could replace the historic look – which would serve as a perfect backdrop to an opening-night party in your town – with something completely modern. Or just leave the walls relatively bare until it’s time to celebrate the grandeur of the past next year.

It’s all just a click or two away, in exactly the style and sizes you specify, helping you turn an otherwise unremarkable room into a veritable work of art.