It’s rewarding to set a theme for a party and find just the right backdrop to accent a major wall where the event will be held. Your guests will be impressed, and the mural that you create yourself or choose from one of our designs will likely be a major highlight of the soiree.

Taking the idea one step further, imagine the delight of your guests when they return to your home for the next big event – and the mural of, say, food and drink that sat behind the buffet table has been replaced by an entirely new one that’s uniquely suited to the event’s theme.

It’s just that easy with Eazy Wallz, where you can order a mural to the exact specifications of the wall where it will hang, install it with little effort or trouble – and then remove it in order to return the room to its original state, or to make way for yet another unique, unforgettable creation.

And you need not confine your imagination to abstract murals that hint at some aspect of the party’s focus. For a highly anticipated sporting event, for instance, you might create murals for both teams participating in the contest. Some lucky guest might be awarded the mural of his or her choice as the result of guessing the correct final score. You might even have an informal agreement with your guests that each person wanting to enter the contest donate a small sum that will then be given to a charity of the winner’s – or loser’s -- choice.

Another scenario: As the festivities progress, guests might have the option to write over or comment with sticky notes on areas of the mural. This could involve a series of memorable moments from a televised event, such as an entertainment awards show. You could even allow direct writing on the images to give to a co-worker or neighbor who is relocating to another city and would like to bring along some wall-sized memories for old time’s sake.

The possibilities, as you can see, are only as limited as your imagination. And that of your party guests.