If you are inspired by traditional Japanese culture like most of the worlds top designers than you are not alone. Whether its adding a theme to your home or adding that element of decor to your house, Japanese inspired art is going to top your list. The wide range of Japanese inspired art can all be featured on a beautiful wall mural anywhere in the house. From stunning Zen gardens to bring down the energy to historic Japanese maps and lettering to add essence to any room, the ideas are endless!


Adding Japanese inspiration to your home is as easy as just picking out out an image that fits your room’s feel. Eazywallz has tons of murals to add color and character to any room. If you are looking for ideas, you have come to the right wall mural place because we have tons of murals for Japanese Décor. For example, we have the bamboo grove wall mural that is a beautiful detailed wallpaper canvas that is perfect for any living room or bedroom. It not only adds color with its high detail but also adds depth with its winding pathway. Don’t stop here; Eazywallz also has tons of garden inspired wall murals that are perfect for your bathroom or that yoga room you have always wanted.  


Not only does Eazywallz cover your home in beautiful wallpaper murals, it receives custom uploads that are perfect for your restaurant. Eazywallz can take your Japanese styled restaurant to the next level and create large scaled wall murals complete with any customization to match your sushi menu. If you are really looking for a head-turning piece, throw up the Mount Fuji wall mural that shows Mount Fuji over Japan in the colors of the sunset. There are so many ideas and we got you covered, so start building your Japanese dream theme now.