There is something about French Country Décor that is really inviting and warm. That European balance of beauty and comfort can be obtained by simply adding certain things like, for example, white planks on your walls to get that country feel. Though, the thought of starting a “do it yourself” project that tires you before you even get started can make an inspirational idea go stale. Avoid the hassle of buying materials, learning a skill, and cleaning the mess all by checking out what eazywallz is all about. Highly detailed wall murals that can help you obtain that cozy inviting French country feel all in one image.


From Vintage maps of Europe to beautifully detailed outdoor material textures, eazywallz has everything covered to take your home to the next level. Customizable specifications and even custom uploads enables everyone to tweak their wall mural to fit their needs. Start by viewing eazywallz shop page where we can start your creative process by offering tons of wall mural ideas. For example, the wood planks in any color add a realistic look to your country home.


Eazywallz also has tons of textures and patterns to match your traditional heavy fabrics and vintage furniture. If you are looking for an image, eazywallz carries many high quality wallpaper murals that are made of a thin-canvas material that can add to your warm inviting home. If nothing meets your expectations, upload your own image that fits your French country décor and turn it into a wall mural to cover any wall in the house. There are endless ideas at eazywallz to add to your country home, so get started today!