If you’re a parent who has traveled the birthday party circuit with your kids as invited guests, you’ve no doubt witnessed the wide variety of party themes chosen and the way in which those themes have been carried out.

Some involve a consistent, carefully orchestrated theme from start to finish, including balloons, plates, napkins, cakes, table settings and centerpieces. This is especially true when the theme is based on a well-known cartoon character, TV show or wildly popular film. It’s a safe and popular way to stage a birthday party, allowing the guests and the honored host to revel in a theme that many of them adore.

But what if you could stick with the basic overall theme and enlarge it in a number of personal ways through the power and magic of murals?

Basic photo editing programs allow even novices the opportunity to do some creative collaging effects – such as dropping in your child’s picture right next to his or her favorite TV series character. With a little planning, you could also create a similar effect for your guests, requesting a picture of each or simply scanning one out of a common yearbook or other school publication (with everyone’s permission, of course), and then creating the collage all by yourself.

Can’t get everyone’s picture before the event? Have someone drop in unannounced? Take advantage of today’s do-everything desktop printers to run off a copy of a picture you take at the party and then apply it in place along with the other pre-printed ones on the mural.

Or, invite those not depicted to draw themselves right on the mural surface. You could also offer the option of guests drawing one another in their favorite poses, easily removing your Eazy Wallz mural and saving it for posterity, with no damage to your walls.

Choose from one of our Wall Murals for Kids, or feel free to create one all your own!