There’s nothing that gets people into the holiday spirit quicker than the feeling of being immersed in a time and place where occasions like Christmas seem to live forever.

For some people, that time and place is Victorian England—the world that gave us Charles Dickens and “A Christmas Carol.” To this day, towns and cities all across America host small groups of Dickensian carolers who sing sentimental favorites in shopping areas both indoors and out. Placing a wall mural of a Victorian streetscape might be the perfect choice for conjuring that timeless spirit.

For others, Christmas is all about family memories and events – such as the Yuletide season when a family member got engaged or even married. Creating a collage of family photos taken at Christmastime could be the perfect way to celebrate this year.

Still others connect most closely with Christmas by turning their attention to the decorations of their neighbors. Creating the ultimate light-and-decorations mural could provide the right festive atmosphere for a holiday party. You could even string real lights among the trees and houses that dot your landscape mural.

There’s also the option of taking a photo of the spot where your family cut down its very own Christmas tree – after the cutting is done. Then, after uploading the photo to Eazy Wallz and specifying the exact size, you could place the finished mural behind the actual tree in your home, completing the landscape and creating another special memory.

Children could also write their notes to Santa on a mural that contained a festive border (or drawing of the North Pole), and could then enjoy seeing some of their wishes come true as presents from Mr. Claus are stacked in front of the very places where they each wrote their notes.

Just as there are many different ways to celebrate the holidays, there are also many ways to design and create the perfect mural for them. Contact one of our specialists today to make your vision become a reality!