Perhaps no other living space in the average home changes quite as frequently as the nursery. Often, the space for caring for a newborn becomes that child’s permanent room, shared or not. Which can make it somewhat tricky to furnish for those first couple of years: Should you furnish and decorate the space as you envision it to look a few years down the road? Or can you afford to go ahead and give the room a special touch now, knowing that everything will change in the future?

One way to get the best of both worlds is decorate one or more of the nursery’s walls with a mural from Eazy Wallz. Our murals are made to your exact size specifications, are easy to install and can be swapped out with other murals when the time is right for a change – all without doing any damage to your walls!

Check out a few of our Wall Murals for Kids to get a better idea of what kinds of options are available.

As you’ll see, designs and patterns range from the robotic to the teddybear-ish to colors and shapes that suggest either a feminine or masculine side.

For the nursery, consider going with a theme that allows for some flexibility. That way, should you wish to add anything to the mural – such as a toddler’s pre-school artwork or computer-generated pictures – the additions won’t clash with the theme.

If your child is already into fantasy characters, check out our Cute Medieval Illustration Wall Mural.

There are also more abstract possibilities, such as our Sky Pattern Wall Mural, which could add a dreamy, imaginative touch to any room.

If you have a number of portraits of family members, particularly of relatives who don’t happen to live close by, you could upload them to our site and create a collage of faces of the people you care about the most – overlooking the newest member of the family as he or she sleeps soundly in the crib.