If you’re not committed to covering your entire wall and if it is just too much for you, maybe a strip is more suitable for you. A strip panel can contain anything that fits perfect on a section of the wall. No matter what width or height, a strip can compliment anything in the room from color to even texture. The trend today points us toward colorful pattern strips where it compliments any color of your furniture or paint color. Make a statement by putting up an Eazywallz wall strip in any room.


There are also so many things that can lead you toward purchasing a smaller piece of wall art compared to a giant mural. From your budget to overall space you are limited with, Eazywallz has the perfect solution for just that little something you need to liven up any room. If you are dealing with limited space, try out a strip of our wall mural on any wall in the room that is light and flows with the room. For larger rooms, try to lean towards a darker color that maybe has an intense pattern to catch peoples eye as they walk in the room.


If you are looking for something to add to your already beautiful furniture, or you have a special painting, try a strip pattern that can accommodate to mostly everything. Try a stunning bamboo wall mural if you are looking for something in the earth tones or go with an intense animal pattern for that high fashion look. You can even upload your own image to really customize what you want!


Best of all is the strip patterns, like all our other wall murals, are easily removable and repositionable so your wall art can move with you to any room or new home you go to!