There are those who simply have no interest in trekking to such tourist meccas as the Grand Canyon, only to have to elbow their way to the front of a pack of people in order to get a memorable photo or two. Others, naturally, thrive on capturing the perfect landscape shot that will serve as a timeless reminder of a special trip with special people.

Regardless of how you might feel either way, there’s a solution for transforming your favorite vista into a mural that’s perfect for certain spots in your home.

Don’t like taking vacation pictures much, especially of famous or breathtakingly beautiful places? Shop our selection of Landscape & Nature Wall Murals, where you can choose from photos of the Sahara Desert, Antarctic icebergs, Asian bamboo forests or South American jungles, just to name a few. Everything from wide-open vistas to abstract images to close-ups of various flora and fauna is available.

If you’re one of those who says “Where’s my camera?” at the first mention of a trip or vacation,  then feel free to upload one of your own images and specify the exact size of mural that you want. You can even upload several images and make a collage – an option that’s sometimes ideal for rooms with many purposes, such as entertainment centers/man caves.

Or, opt for a landscape surprise like no other.

One man we know wanted to surprise his wife with the news that they’d soon be embarking on a vacation that the two of them had talked about for years, but never quite got around to taking. A friend supplied the man with several images from his own safari to Africa. Somehow, though, the man couldn’t choose the right combination of images that he thought would capture what he hoped his vacation would become.

He asked his friend if he had any other photos from the safari. The friend replied that he had a few of some of the places he’d stayed, including one that featured a spectacular sunset. The man requested that one, loved it as soon as he saw it and uploaded it to make a mural.

While his wife was out shopping one weekend, he installed the mural on the bedroom wall opposite their bed. When his wife returned, he surprised her with news of the safari vacation by leading her into the room and showing her what at least one of their views would look like.

Needless to say, the power of the landscape mural, in this case, couldn’t be overstated.