If you’re an independent designer, writer, or just work from home, there is nothing more important than the space around you at your home office. Your surroundings feed your creativity and boring white walls sometimes just doesn’t cut it. If you go to superior offices with beautiful views than you will most likely see wonderful designs and of course a magnificent wall mural. Wall photos are trending right now, and what’s better than decorating your walls with a piece of wall art!


Of course, if you work from home than you probably spend your majority there. Eat, Sleep, Work, than repeat. Your environment, whether you like it or not, plays a huge role in your creative process when working. If you are thinking of upgrading your workspace there is no better place to go than eazywallz. Custom upload your own wall mural or choose from our extensive collection of hand picked wall murals with beautiful quality. Match mural colors with furniture, computers, or anything around it. The eye appealing nature of this will make you feel fresh and ready to work every time you walk into the room.


We have included a couple of examples that might spark your interest. Check out our products on uncrate.com, apartmenttherapy.com, fancy.com, and houzz.com. We supply superior thin-canvas wall murals that give a look of authenticity. Our wall photos are also really easy to put up! The self-adhesive sticker on the back makes it easy to put the panels up side by side and create a beautiful image.