You don’t need to be a professional artist to achieve a great way to put a painting on your wall. Using a painting as a mural can be tricky but there are tons of tips and tricks to get it just the way you want it! If home decor is really important to you and you are a hands-on DIY person, than here are 3 tips on home styling to get that painting mural up and looking beautiful before you know it! 

1. When choosing a painting mural, you must first be taken by the colour. Colour is one of the most important aspects of the mural your going to select. Each shade has a character and each tone has its story, so choose wisely! Ask yourself, does it match? Does it flow well with the objects around it? Is it too dark or too light? Once you have these aspects down you can breathe a little cause that is the hardest part.

2. You must take into account the different shapes, strokes, and any other form of movement in the painting. If your painting is stroking up and down from left to right, try to match it with other objects in the room to create a flow of ambience that will look beautiful when put together. Circles, stripes, and squares can be paired with couch shapes, table tops, or end table shapes. The combinations are endless!

3. The position and size of the mural is very important. Are you going to go full wall or half a wall? A large mural can also be placed in the middle in a smaller size if you are matching the mural with other wall decor. You must ask yourself what kind of effect you are trying to acheieve. The bigger the mural, the more of a focal point it will be when someone walks into the room.


Here is a neat little trick by one of our customers. What they did was use a piece of plywood (not too thick! Maybe ¼”) and stick their mural onto the plywood. When this has settled, they attached hooks to the back and placed it on the wall to create an amazing canvas feel print. This can work with any of our painting murals to create an professional looking art piece to put up in your home




 Here are a couple of painting examples we have on our website that you could take a look at.