Summer is upon us in most North American cities and that means its time for spring cleaning or any DIY projects to get under way. Our Wall Murals are a perfect way to brighten some walls and add more life in any room.

We have included some new wall murals in the past couple months but let’s take a look at some of our more popular photo wall murals on Eazywallz, THE TROPICAL AND BEACH SCENES! Here is Eazywallz’s top 5 Tropical Beach Scene Peel and Stick Wall Murals that can enhance any summer home or just add some tropical Zen to a relaxing space. Any of these top 5 murals can include tropical jungles, exotic scenes, beaches, waves, or the sea! We have also included the source of the image and a quick link to the product.

5. Sun and Palm Trees Photo Wallpaper

Here is a beautiful new mural that we have added recently. The colour of the blue gradient in the sky is just fantastic with the horizontal orientation of the photo. The palm trees and blazing sun just adds to the already hot and sunny perspective of the image. 


If you put this mural behind white furniture to hide the fence and just keep the palm trees high in the sky it looks amazing. We showcase it hear on our product information. We would like to thank Nilsson-Lee for the amazing image. Check out his site for amazing photos! 


4. Ocean At Dusk Wall Mural

We cant get enough of this image. The contrast of colours and the high detail of the sea creates a beautiful photo for any room. The array of colours from top to bottom is definitely a top photo wallpaper mural when it comes to sunsets.



3. Maldives Seascape Wall Mural

This classic mural on Eazywallz depicts arriving at a rare and secluded beach island resort. With a unique view where it puts you in the scene and flawless sunny beach weather, this mural is hard to beat when it comes to Tropical Beach Scenes. 


2. Crashing Ocean Wave Wall Mural

Another great classic wall mural on Eazywallz is the crashing wave photo mural. Not only does this breathe summer and sports  but also shows the beautiful waves and ocean colours. This mural can both be a surfing sports mural for most rooms and can also act as an amazing Zen type mural for any relaxation space. 

1. View from Santorini Wall Mural

Our #1 Tropical Beach Wall Mural has to be the View from Santorini. Our most popular mural depicts a great view of the beautiful greece and shows just the most amazing blue ocean ever. With all white objects in the image, this mural is just a simple beauty. This mural can act as a classical piece of art in any room and bring life to any wall. We love the colour combo and the island in the distance just adds to the already beautiful photo! We hoped you liked our top 5 murals and we are adding more every week!