City Spotlight 5 - London

Every week here at eazywallz we will spotlight a great city in the world and highlight some excellent and beautiful wall murals for you to enjoy. Keep visiting our blog or visit our facebook or pinterest account to view our articles! We update every week and showcase great ideas for your home when it comes to wall decor and interior designing.  

Probably one of the most famous cities in the world when it comes to Art and Design. The City of Street art and famous painters, London doesn't disappoint. Boasting a large metropolis and many famous landmarks, London has it all. When looking for mural ideas for any room or office you can count on this city to provide a crazy amount of options. Street art murals are very popular these days and throwing some stenciled art inspired by none other than BANKSY will guarantee some next level exposure. If your looking for more settled art, this 2 millenium old city is home to many of the worlds most famous landmarks. From the Big Ben Tower to Buckingham palace, you can have royalty posted anywhere you want. 

Here are some wall murals inspired by the city of London that we think you might like!

Stencil Revolution Wall Mural

London Cityscape Wall Mural

City View of London From Cathedral Wall Mural

London View Wall Mural

1851 London Map Wall Mural