Eazywallz Rolls Out New Concept Wallpaper!

Eazywallz Rolls Out New Concept Wallpaper, Wallpaper by Eazywallz!


This week Eazywallz has rolled out its new wallpaper concept. Spicing it up a little from our original thin canvas, peel and stick wall murals we are known for, Wallpaper by Eazywallz has stepped up the game in the world of Wallpaper!

To make it even easier, we print all our wallpaper in individual strips, in three convenient sizes. Each strip is always 2' wide, and depending on the height of your wall, you can choose between 8', 9' or 10' in height. Choose to fill as much or as little wall space as you want. All you need to do is decide how many strips you need!

And, don't forget about our amazing and original made by Eazywallz designs, each created in house by our talented team of designers. So check out our Out-Of-The-Box series featuring patterns created by our very own! Here are a few that we think you might like!

20,000 Leagues Wallpaper

Gustave Wallpaper


Fishies Wallpaper


Library Wallpaper

Math Formula Wallpaper


Torn Posters Wallpaper


Transmorfers Wallpaper


Forest Wallpaper