The Room in the Sky | An in-depth look at wrapping your entire room with a wall mural!

Project Review – The room in the sky

After countless hours of work, we have finally completed the room in the sky project to review! This wall mural project started off with just an image and an idea and has now blossomed into something that is unforgettable. We will review this wall mural design and implementation one step at a time to showcase what we can do with wall photos and great interior design work.

The Image

Pulling together sky images that will suit what the client wanted was straightforward. We compiled some of our most popular sky images with different color tones to better understand what our client was looking for. Just a couple of hours later the image was chosen and we settled on the evening above the clouds wall mural. This image has great quality, great color tones, and most importantly it has a nice seamless repeatable look to it.



The Measurements

Wrapping an entire room with an image is not the easiest thing in the world. We first needed the complete wall measurements of each section of the wall, which was provided by the client. After reviewing each part of the wall, we than proceeded to duplicate and extend our image to fulfill the measurements. Our graphic design team did a great job of repeating the image without making the seams obvious. We also added a bleed to the wall mural to make sure we had enough just in case. We also added the amount of strips it would be per wall to be better organized.



The Design

After completing the image reconstruction we needed the room design to place the wall mural in it. This is a great way for our client to get a better look at what the mural would look like without making an investment or going any further. After receiving the room design we than took the mural and placed it in the room. We than edited and fixed the image to better go around the doors and windows that would be there.


The Final Look

After getting the go-ahead, the large-scale wall mural was placed in our printing department. A week later the mural arrived and was installed without any hassle. We than received an email that contained a beautiful Room in the Sky and a happy customer!


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