Water World Project | Ocean Scene from Ceiling to Floor!

Our client showcase | Full Bathroom wrap Wall to Wall and Ceiling to Floor. 

We are at it again! We are once again showing what our graphic design services are able to accomplish for some of our most difficult projects. After the ‘Room in the Sky’ project, our amazing team of graphic designers has accepted another project that we would like to showcase below. Instead of just wrapping walls, this project presented another problem, wrapping the ceiling and floor! To start off, we needed measurements on the complete room from ceiling to floor, so we created a 3d manipulation of our client’s bathroom. His idea was to wrap his entire bathroom in an ocean scene complete with a full in-depth environment which included dolphins, a turtle, and fish! After determining the measurements of every inch of the bathroom we than laid them out to determine how much water space was to be created to fill every space of the wall mural. Now came the hard part, through countless hours (and many snacks later…) we blended a couple of ocean images together to get one seamless look from the top of the wall mural to the floor. Our gigantic wall photo looked great when put together! We laid the measurements on top of our canvas and than double-checked every measurement to make sure we covered the entire thing. Next, we cut out space for the door and bathtub and posted the complete wall art on to our 3d model we created. Check out what it looks like below!  



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