10 Must-Follow Pinterest Accounts for Home Decor

Over the years Pinterest has become a new found favorite with home ideas and DIY tips. Pinterest's layout and compatible makes it easy for users to view images and follow great step by step DIYs. We scoured the net to find 10 great sources for you with wonderful decor ideas and new inspiring concepts. These accounts can range from home decor to amazing interior design. Check them out! 

1. Room Hints
Just like the name hints, this Pinterest board will inspire you to finally start that long awaited room renovation project that been on your to-do list. Don't know what to do with a specific room? Check out their boards where they showcase decor tips and ideas for every room you need. 
2. Paula Coop McCrory
A visual artist with a lot of pull on pinterest, Paula's 44 boards range from new trends to must-have items. She pins everything she loves and everything she is inspired by. Check her out, and yes, that is 4.4 million followers.
3. House Beautiful
A major contender in the home decor world, House Beautiful is a great source for home ideas and amazing interior decorating tips. Check out their boards that include a great selection of color coded decor if you need some mixing and matching.
4. Rachel Follet (Lovely Clusters)
"Designer who loves pretty things, photography, decorating and handmade lovelies" Check out her wall decor board for amazing ideas on what to do with your boring white walls! 
5. Lily Ellis | Spruce Collective
Co-owner of a great brick and motor store (Spruce Collective) and a blog (Birch+Bird), Lily Ellis has a major influence in home decor and new trending ideas. Check out her boards like Boudoir and Home Decor.
6. Brit + Co
Brit + Co has a couple of cool boards that will for sure grab your attention. A wonderful layout and great ideas, you will catch yourself browsing for hours!
7. Coffee Table
"Our goal is to help renters build happy homes (or apartments). We won't tell your landlord ;)"
Since we are a removable wallpaper company, it only makes sense to love ideas built around the subject of non-permanent and removable decor. Having this in mind, its essential to seek out decor ideas that are not permanent but just as beautiful!
8. The Inspired Room (Melissa)
A NYT best selling author, Melissa from the Inspired room shares simple doable decorating, DIY and homemaking inspiration to help you fall in love with the home you have. Check out her famous blog that won the favorite decor blog in 2014 (no big deal right?....)
Discover home decorating ideas, DIY projects, crafts, party ideas and designs to inspire you on your next home decor project.
10. Chris Dangtran
We love this designer and everything about his pinterest board. Browse through his photography boards and all of his black and white inspired design pins. Check out our black and white collection after that :)