Can You Put Removable Wall Murals Over Old Existing Wallpaper?

Can You Put Removable Wall Murals Over Old Existing Wallpaper?

If you have that old and out of date wallpaper lingering on your walls still it's time to change! The question is can you put removable wallpaper murals over old wallpaper? Although you might like the vintage feel of the mural wall pattern maybe it's time to change it up to something like a nature wall mural

If you are thinking to cover up your old existing wall paper murals with paint, it can be tricky. It will take several coats to cover up the old wallpaper pattern underneath and not to mention the time and cost of all of this! Let's dive in to see if you can actually put removable wall mural over existing wallpaper.

Can You Put Removable Wall Murals Over Old Existing Wallpaper?

It really depends on a couple of factors but overall Eazywallz murals for walls can easily be applied over existing wallpaper! Our high quality adhesive and material options will be an excellent choice for covering up that old wall paper! Let's take a look at the factors.

Your Old Wallpaper

A big factor to take into consideration is the state of your old wallpaper. If it's cracked, peeling, or damaged then you will have a hard time keeping your new wall mural on top. If your old wall paper murals have been sitting in a damp or humid room for a while then it will mostly likely have water damage or have grown mold underneath.


The Wallpaper Material

Another factor that might not let you put peel and stick wall murals up is the type of material your old existing wallpaper was. Before you try any method, test to see if your wallpaper is vinyl or strippable. Check out "Deciding to Strip: Removing Vinyl or Strippable Wallpaper" from The say that "Vinyl wallpapers are easily peeled off by lifting the bottom edge of the paper with your fingernail or a stripping knife. Then, peel each length straight up and off the wall. Vinyl wall coverings have a thin layer of backing paper that will remain on the wall as you pull off the top layer off. If it is not torn, this can be left on as a liner for the new wallpaper. If it is torn, you will need to remove it. The backing paper can usually be removed by soaking and scraping without needing to score it."

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The Pattern & Colour

The last factor to take into consideration is the colour and pattern of the old wallpaper pattern. If it is dark then you will have a difficult time in covering up the old wallpaper mural. If you are not sure, take an eazywallz sample wall mural  and test it on the portion of the wall. Check through out the day to see if the old wallpaper seeps through the new wall mural. This is important if you have a dark wall paper mural and you want to switch to a lighter wall mural like one of our Black and white Wall Murals.

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In conclusion,  if you pass these factors and are able to install a new wall mural over your existing wallpaper then you will need to still prep your wall for the best result. 

1. Remove nails, bumps, switch plates, or light fixtures that might be in the way. 

2. Wash down the walls with a weak solution (detergent+water) to not make the old wallpaper peel or fall off. Then let it dry to create a nice canvas to install your new wall mural on!

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After following these steps you can now treat the wall as if it is a bare wall. Follow our easy wall mural installation process and make sure no old wallpaper peeks through!