Give a Sense of Tranquility to your home decor with Water inspired Wall Murals!

Give a Sense of Tranquility to your home decor with Water inspired Wall Murals!

Nothing sets the tone to your home decor better than a calming lake or waterfall wall mural. These beautiful wallpaper images showcase the beauty of earth's landscape while providing a sense a calmness to any room. With endless ideas and images, eazywallz provides some of the best choices to upgrade your walls. Below you will find a couple of water inspired options from lakes and oceans to waterfalls and rivers. Every choice has its own benefits and in the end every wall mural speaks for itself! These wall images can be installed in almost any room in your home, office, or personal space. Check out our Landscape & Nature collection for many more options! 

Waves & Oceans 

Ocean wall murals provide a larger than life feel for your walls. Oceans either have a calming and endless feel to it or you can go with an action packed wave. Use wave murals with a surfer for a cool sports look or go with a tranquil endless ocean for a simplistic calm look. Check out our Sports collection for more options on these surf looks!


If you need a boost every time you walk in a room, use an amazing tropical beach image to bring up the mood! The tropical beach murals provide an array of colour to really bring out the wall mural and will be the focal point in any room. Use these cool wallpaper photos in places where it gets no sunlight! Check out our tropical & beach collection for more of these looks!

Rivers & Waterfalls

River & Waterfall wall murals are the most popular for a reason. These wallpaper photos provide a combination of colour, action, and beauty all in one. The motion of a waterfall on your walls provides a sense of a calm and steadiness.


Lake shots are some of the most amazing scenes that you could feature in your home decor. Usually combined with trees and mountains, these wall mural photos will provide a magnificent look in any space. For a more modern simple look, use these scenes with an overcast or fog look. Check out our landscape & nature collection for more options!