Top 10 Coolest Products found on Fancy

Fancy has quickly become one of the coolest and most popular websites to buy some of the world's most unique gifts and products. Fancy's homepage is filled with awesome product shots or gifs that really entice you to see more of the product or even purchase it if you fall in love with it. Fancy's homepage layout also allows you to keep scrolling in a never ending product cycle that you become quickly addicted to.

Eazywallz has recently become one of those products you see on the fancy homepage and we are proud to be enlisted with some of these other awesome ideas. This brings us to our top 10 list! We are always scouring fancy to see how our products are being fancy'd and along the way we come across some very interesting gifts. So we decided to make an awesome list of some of the best products we have came across, enjoy!

10.  The Abyss Table by Duffy London

The Abyss Table took a year to make and with only 25 of them in the world, this $24,000 peace by Duffy London is a center piece that people will talk about.

9The Villain Chair

If you always loved the bad guy in all the epic movies than there is no other chair for you than the villain chair. This $9,200 chair will help you start your world domination! Pair this chair with an awesome wall mural from eazywallz to really create your new evil lair! 

8. FusionTable by Aramith

The FisionTable caught our attention pretty quickly with its genius design and practicality. Every time you see the table you want it! The table doubles as a pool table and a dining table.

7. The Cloud Lamp

This popular product is on everyone's top wanted list. The Cloud lamp is an awesome decor piece that will spice up your room with an amazing colour and look.

6. Bamboo Otto Fan

With its beautiful design and organic bamboo material, the otto fan is a top choice when choosing decor pieces for your room. Match this with an awesome bamboo grove wall mural from eazywallz to really achieve that natural zen look for any space.


5. Home Spa Waterproof Television

Who doesn't want a tv in a shower?! With its amazing features and waterproof concept, the Home spa Waterproof television is definitely a must buy! If you are trying to upgrade your bathroom, check out the eazywallz laminated wall murals, water resistance against splashes and steam!

4. Kes Sectional LED Sofa

This next level Kes sofa brings the future to your living room. The LED lights will light up your room with awesome colours so you can never stub your toe in the dark night again! 

3. Iron Man 3D LED Lamp

How can you not love this crazy cool LED iron man stand?! This decor piece acts as a light and an amazing sculpture for your son/daughter's room or your awesome movie/game room. Match this lamp with your custom uploaded wall mural of other famous comics to really take your room to the next level! 

 2. Customaps Outbreak Poster of Paris

Looking for a non-traditional map of some of your favourite cities or countries? Check out customaps outbreak poster for zombie and apocalypse lovers! If you looking for other cities or themes, check out where you can create your own!

1. Sunlight in Yosemite National Park Door Mural

Did you really think we would not put our door murals at #1? Our awesome door murals can create an unique look on any door in your house, restaurant, store, or office. With its affordable price and ease of installation, our door murals are a must buy!