Be our Guest, Be Our Guest: Top Decoration Tips for Guest Bedrooms in Your Home

Now more than ever, people are spending time and money on home renovations. One of the joys of doing this is showcasing the transformation to your friends and family when they come to visit. Consequently, it makes logical sense to remodel and update those spare guest rooms that can sometimes get neglected in the process, particularly if you do not use the space on a daily basis.

Indeed, often the best interior designs are ones that seamlessly blend with the rest of the home. Whether your personal tastes are classic and traditional decor styles, minimalist and simplistic, or bold and beautiful, it is crucial to ensure that your guest room is aligned with the rest of your home. To provide you with some interior inspiration, here are our top 3 guest bedroom decoration ideas.

Nice and Neutral Guest Rooms

If you’d like your spare room to appeal to a range of guests, you may want to incorporate a sea of calming neutral and cool tones within the space. Neutral is also a simple way of ensuring the guest room orients similarly to the rest of your home decor. Toned-down blues and greens are a particularly fruitful way of encouraging a relaxing atmosphere, while creamy neutrals like white, grey, and beige add a subtle contrast to dark furniture finishings. Both types of color schemes will facilitate a soothing space that isn’t age or gender-specific (desirable for any guest room space). 

The most advantageous parts of incorporating a neutral color palette in some cases is its ability to serve as a base for richly layered rooms. Creative textures can be found through accessories and bed sheets in the room to keep the bland at bay, delivering a clean and effective minimalist design interior. Striking artwork with geometric and textured patterns can be achieved via paintings or a wall mural, placed adjacent to neutral palettes which have the ability to bring life and exuberance to any space. 

For example our white and grey marble wall murals or our grunge black and white urban street wallpaper provide both texture and contrast within their design to create a three-dimension look that is both eye-catching and captivating in nature. Despite the neutral colors incorporated within the prints, their patterns generate depth and interest; truly keeping the bland at bay. It’s cosy, simplistic and modern and can appeal to a wide array of age and genders - desirable for any guest bedroom space.

Bold and Beautiful for Impact

It’s daunting to be daring, particularly in a guest room. However, if you get the interior design nailed, it will create a space that you will be worthy of a warm and welcoming introduction to whomever has the pleasure of staying in your home…

Bold and maximalism has become a trending interior of 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down. So you could always incorporate it within your guest room design. 

In 2020, interior enthusiasts have integrated bold and beautiful color palettes to make a statement and add drama to room spaces. Those corals, terracottas, sage greens and warm greys are particularly well-received this year, replacing the well-founded beige colors that have been dominating the interior world for the past decade.  Browns, mustards, golds and certain red tones in both wallpaper and decor accents have also made a dramatic comeback in 2020, as seen in our black and gold cubist wallpaper. Indeed, a dramatic dark color and wallcovering sets the tone for any guest bedroom. With a subtle grid pattern, it also brings in a strong linear quality to the space 

There’s a wallpaper to suit every taste, but as aforementioned, pick one that will complement the style of your home. Bright geometric patterns are particularly fruitful for a contemporary new build, whereas a traditional or rustic home may pair nicely with soft floral prints. Additionally, when choosing a patterned paper for your guest bedroom, consider the size of the room in relation to the scale of the design. An oversized print can intimidate the small space and be too overbearing. On the other hand, an intricate design can seem out of place in larger spaces. Dimensions are your friends, so think cautiously when incorporating a wallpaper in your guest room. 

For some design inspiration, consider those abstract or geometric designs in your guest bedroom. If you are fortunate enough to have a lot of vertical and horizontal space, decorate your room with big and bold patterns as seen in our retro rings mural. Or alternatively, hone in on the more subtle design elements as seen in our breathtakingly vintage floral still wall mural. The options are limitless when incorporating daring designing.

Make it magic with metallic wallpaper 

A cosy and comfortable retreat? 

If you would prefer to strike a balance between sophisticated chic with a bold twist, metallic is the piece de resistance for any guest bedroom design.

Adding patterns is a great way to captivate attention and set the mood for the room. However, incorporating them with a metallic finish extends beyond this compelling captivation, transforming a space into a magical escape.

Increasingly, metallics have been popular within the interior space world, whether it be via simple patterns and/or textures. Whether they’re integrated into complicated stripes or geometry, or used to add depth and interest to wallpaper design, metallic wallpaper is a favourable interior feature. 

One of the major benefits of incorporating metallic pieces - particularly gold wallpapers - is that it’s reflective nature helps to bounce and catch the light within the room, creating an airy and spacious feel. This is a particularly fruitful decoration idea for those smaller guest bedrooms, as it can distort the dimensions of the room and widen both the vertical and horizontal space.

One of the major benefits of incorporating metallic tones in a guest room is that it’s actually really simplistic to do. You don’t even need to commit to putting gold on an entire wall, small prints and pops of metallic tones will work wonderfully to brighten up a space without being too opulent in design.

Metallic can be both modest and subtle, which typically works well in smaller spaces. It’s also extremely easy to pair with room accessories and ornaments - with an abundance of gold, silver and bronzed furnishings on the marketplace at an affordable pricing. And the real beauty of metallic is that it can look expensive and sophisticated, creating the perfect great gatsby retreat, without putting a major dent in your wallet.

When referring to those subtle yet chic hues of metallic tones, our retro wallpaper has always had its place in design trends. Indeed, it seems mid-century modern is giving away to it’s older sibling, Art Deco. Luxurious and fun, these 1920’s inspired designs are combined with warmer colors resulting in a style that is glamorous yet comforting. Gold also really lends itself to an eclectic vintage look, as seen in our radio heart shape tape vintage wall mural. 

Anything goes with those metallic hues, enlivening a space and creating a perfect escape for when your guests come over to stay. 

Want to find some more interior design inspiration? Shop on our online store today to find the perfect wallpaper that will transform your space in a place you adore.