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Eazywallz.com, established in 2010, offers peel and stick wall murals, customized to your needs. With the most unique and edgy selection of images to choose from, you will not leave empty handed. If you’re looking for something more personal, choose your size, your image, your design... Eazywallz will do it! Printed on the best quality self adhesive thin canvas, Eazywallz is easily removable without damage to your walls, repositionable and reusable. Imagine decorating your home, office or retail store with large scale wall murals in just minutes without damaging your walls or having to hire a professional installer. Our wall murals bring traditional wallpaper to new and exciting fronts, and without the hassle!

Eazywallz offers its customers an inspiring environment to make their shopping experience, well, easy!

Eazywallz prides itself on being a leader in removable and reusable wall murals, making every project possible with ease and without harm to your walls.

The Best Selection of Wall Murals

On Eazywallz.com, you will find the best selection of easy-to-install wall murals, photo murals and removable wallpaper. With thousands of modern images and designs to choose from, do-it-yourselfers, businesses, interior designers and corporate offices alike will find the wall murals they always dreamt of.

Unlike most of our competitors, we hand pick all our images to ensure the highest quality possible.

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Customize Your Wall Mural, it's EAZY!

Eazywallz allows you to customize any image from our library or upload your own digital picture in order to get a completely personalized photo wall mural. Decorate any room of your home, office or business with your own work. Whether it is a picture of your family, kids, pet, or your favorite vacation, you can rest assured that your best memories will last forever.

Eazywallz also offers free personalization options. Want to add a name or a logo? Change the colors or crop an image to your exact wall size? Our team of graphic designers will personally help you with your project and will assist you in making your custom wall mural exactly to your personal specifications. At no extra charge!

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