Use our FREE graphic design services and create the wall mural you really want!

With Eazywallz, you can fully personalize your wall mural to reflect your taste and your personality! We are proud to offer a 100% FREE graphic design service to better help you create you very own, one-of-a-kind wall mural. Our graphic designers are here to assist you with any request you may have... At no extra cost!

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So What Can I ask For?

Whether you are looking for minor touch ups on an image or creating a custom design form scratch, our talented graphic designers are always up to the challenge! The creative potential is simply... Endless.

Below are some examples of simple design ideas that will take your custom project one step further!

Image sourcing

Do you need help in finding the perfect image for your wall mural? Do you have a low quality image and want to see more similar options? Send us an example of what you are looking for and we'll send you back high resolution - similar - options to choose from. It's that easy!

Turn an image into black & white

We can turn any color image into black and white (or sepia). Choose the black & white option to give your wall mural a timeless look that will fit any decor. Or go with a sepia tone for warm tones and antique feeling. A classic!

Add a logo or an image

Add a personal image or your company logo on any wall mural. Perfect for offices, retail stores, restaurants or simply to add a personal touch to your home wall decor.

Add a name, a quote or text

With Eazywallz, you can integrate a name or any custom text to your wall mural. Perfect to personalize a child's room, display an inspirational quote in your living room or to be romantic with a love note on your bedroom wall. The easiest way to make your house your home!

Erase Objects and People

As you get ready to take the best picture of your life and press the shutter release, a random passerby leaps into the frame. You’ve been photobombed... Not to worry! Our design team can erase unwanted objects and people from any picture.

And much, much more!