Exclusive Wall Mural Collections

Our Curated collections of wallpaper murals


Unique abstract lines and textures with a earth tone palette for any space.

Jungle Toile

Let the wonders of these jungles into your home with these stylish wallpaper murals!

Out of Africa

From beautiful desert landscapes to exotic animals, these wall murals can be enjoyed at home without going too far.

Color Blocks

Two or more colors are blended together to create a faded and gradient composition of varied tones that make our color block wall murals both unique and complementary.

Abstract Brush Strokes

A unique way to add fun and colour to your walls, these massive brush strokes will be an eye-catching piece of art.

Terre Inconnue

With a mixture of composition, natural crème colors, and light textures these abstract wall murals can be incorporated into any room.

Abstract Faces

These soft pale color tones and one line abstract shaped faces will compliment your space with ease.

Dreamy Sky

These fluffy cloud and dreamy sunset wallpaper murals are a perfect fit for matching red, orange, or purple colour themes

Desert Clay

Inspired by illustrated desert clay foundations and showcasing a muted colour palette and grand style.

Earth From Above

Discover the unique shapes and abstract landscapes that is naturally formed from nature. These Wallpaper Murals will enhance any feature wall or easily become a focal point in any space.

History of Paris

The arrival of the renaissance in the 16th century brought some of the best architecture, art and cultural life to Paris. These vintage collages add a classical and artistic touch to your space.

Patrick Huot

Bring the mastery of photography with Patrick’s work as he plays with angles, perspectives and surrounding light for the best wall murals.

Ombre & Gradient

Browse our new colorful ombre and gradient wall murals that will add something incredible to your walls

Grand Abstract

Step inside the world of grand abstract with these professional hand-drawn wallpaper murals.

Birds of America

Step inside the natural world of John James Audubon with our new featured collection of Birds of America Wallpaper Murals.

Dana Mooney

Combining elements of fine art and interior design and seamlessly intergrating fresh, calming and uplifting artwork into a space.