Once Upon a Time in Their Very Own Bedroom: Why Your Wee One Wants Whimsical Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy way to transform any room, especially the one belonging to your child. If you’re a parent striving to enhance your little one’s universe however you possibly can, adding wallpaper to his or her bedroom is a wonderful way to accomplish your goal.

From under the sea to the up in sky, to deep into the jungle to far off into outer space, whimsical wall décor helps bring big imagination into their little lives, encouraging them to explore the far corners of the world without ever leaving the comfort of their own room.   


If sea life gets your little one kicking, they’ll flip over the idea of an aquatic ambiance in their very own space.

Dive into decorating with a themed wall mural featuring cartoon sea creatures or a mysterious underwater world.

If boats are what whet their sense of adventure, set sail with a pattered nautical wallpaper mural. Be sure to add some oceanic accent pieces like a coral reef pillow or plush anchor for a fully immersive experience.

Get the look:


Under Water World Cartoon Wall Mural

marine wallpaper

Marine Pattern Wall Mural



If aerial views make your little one soar with excitement, he or she will jump for joy when you come home with a bundle of clouds they can call their very own.

Opt for a mural that lets them explore the skies from their very own bedroom, like a flying airplane atmosphere or sprawling horizon view.

Bring their imagination to new heights by adding themed objects they can use to help navigate their new universe, like a toy plane or starry pillow. 

Get the look:

Sky Pattern Wall Mural

Funny Toy Clouds Wall Mural

Little Fabric Airplanes Wall Mural


If your little one goes wild for exotic birds and animals, he or she will roar with delight at the idea of taking a jungle adventure while tucked tightly into bed.

Choose a wall mural that surrounds your wee one with their favorite members of the animal kingdom. From friends who fly to friends with fur, illustrate your bedtime stories with wall-size images that will leave a pawprint on their imagination.

Get the look:

Desert Llama Wallpaper

Koala Hugs Wall Mural

Animal Hugs Wallpaper

Wild Animals Wall Mural


If outer space puts stars in your little one’s eyes, imagine their excitement when you park a rocket ship directly next to their bed.

From mystical moon patterns that spark curiosity to stellar solar systems that ignite want and wonder, watch their imaginations take off the moment you lay down their new wallpaper mural.

Elevate their experience to even higher dimensions with an alien plush toy or planetary pillow.

Get the look:


Space Travel Wallpaper

Kids Sleep Tight Wallpaper

Retro Rocket Spaceship Wall Mural