Wall Mural Ideas to Revamp Your Dorm Room

So you've just moved into a new dorm room and are wondering how you can make the space feel a little brighter. Peel and stick wall murals are a great way of giving a boring or basic area your unique touch. The great news is that most college dorms permit wallpaper murals to be installed.

Here are a few ideas from Eazywallz to get you started.


Wall Collage

Your hard drives, tablets, and phones probably have photos of some of your favorite moments. With Eazywallz wall collages, you can show off all these special moments on a single wall mural.

The best part is that we handle everything for you! You only need to choose your favorite pictures and send them to us.

wall collage idea for dorm rooms


The thing about college is your interests are always changing. Luck for you, our Eazystick option offers removable wall murals. Some of the benefits you'll enjoy with our removable wall murals include:

  • Multiple removals and reapplications are possible
  • It does not cause any surface damage
  • It doesn't lose adherence
  • 100% polyester fabric is used to make the peel-and-stick material
  • It does not wrinkle, rip, curl, or shrink in any climate
  • It guarantees a 99% chance that its glue will not leave a sticky residue after removal, whether it is affixed for a day or a decade.


Graffiti Wall Murals

Graffiti wall murals are one of the hottest trends today. These murals will produce a magnificent and distinctive wall decor in your dorm. 

We print our graffiti wall murals using our unique, cutting-edge, self-adhesive woven fabric.

graffiti wallpaper murals for your dorm room

Sports Wall Murals

You can choose between various sports, including baseball, football, soccer, and surfing. Our sports wall murals or sports wallpapers are a great way of adding character to your dorm room.

You can even add your own sports wall art of your favorite athlete, team, or venue!

 sports wall murals for your dorm room

Inspirational Wall Murals

College life has its fair share of challenges. Between attending classes and scheduling extra-curricular activities, you will need that extra boost of motivation from time to time. An inspirational wall mural is probably one of the easiest ways of doing this.

You can have your favorite inspirational quotes displayed against a dreamy or imaginative background. It can be a reminder and inspiration during trying times and even better days.

inspirational wall murals for your dorm room

 inspirational quotes wallpaper murals for your home office

Tropical Wall Murals

Our tropical wall murals are inspired by the feel of coastal cities. The mix of reds, yellows, blues, and greens will add a beautiful color palette to your dorm room. Out tropical wall murals offer a perfect way to revitalize your space.

 tropical wall mural for your dorm room

tropical wallpaper murals for your dorm room or home office


Wall murals allow for some creative expression and flair without being too expensive. The suggestions above can serve as motivation for your choice.

Eazywallz offers an amazing collection of wall murals for you to choose from. We also offer custom wall murals. For more ideas, visit our blog section.