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Eazywallz = awesome product & customer service

Starting out, we began our concept with a thought, a thought that would eventually bring a new product to life, Eazywallz! From those possibilities, developed a small company with big wings. Those big wings spread and grew into a very big idea: making large scale wall decor a fun and easy experience for everyone!

Imagine decorating your home with wall murals, wallpaper murals and photo murals in just minutes without damaging your walls or having to hire a professional installer. At Eazywallz.com, we thought about our customers and their needs, and using our peel and stick wall murals is as easy as 1,2,3. Our wall murals bring traditional wallpaper to new and exciting fronts, and without the hassle!

On Eazywallz.com, you will find the best selection of wall murals, photo murals and wallpaper murals. With thousands of modern images and designs to choose from, do-it-yourselfers and interior designers alike will find the wall murals they always dreamt of.

No matter the size or the situation, our team is here to assist you in creating the perfect wall mural to suit YOUR specific needs! Our designers and graphic artists will be more than happy to help you with your very own project. At Eazywallz.com, your complete satisfaction is our favorite task.

About our company

All our wall murals are printed on demand to meet your exact specifications   All orders are double checked by our team to insure our quality standards   Each wall mural is handled with extra care and packaged by hand   Rolled in bubble wrap and packaged in our sturdy cardboard tubes, each wall mural is sure to arrive in perfect condition




EazyWallz.com allows you to customize any image from our library or upload your own digital picture in order to get a completely personalized photo wall mural. Decorate any room of your home, office or business with your own work. Want to add a name or a logo? Change the colors or crop an image to your exact wall size? Our team of graphic designers will personally help you with your project and will assist you in making your custom wall mural exactly to your personal specifications. At no extra charge!


We have proudly created wall murals for major companies.




Guaranteed Quality and Service

plus-icon.png   We will assist you with your project from start to finish, no matter the size and timeframe.

plus-icon.png   We offer FREE shipping on every order every day, across Canada and continental US.

plus-icon.png   We offer the highest quality wall murals on the market, to fit any budget and any design project. 

plus-icon.png   Any customization and any personnalization is FREE. Make it yours!

plus-icon.png   On-time delivery. Worldwide.

plus-icon.png   We offer the best customer service. We are working hard to make your experience perfect.



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