How To Tutorials

Follow these handy guides to learn all the tips and tricks about our wall murals and wallcoverings in general.


How to choose the right image

Learn how to choose the right picture for your wall mural and how to avoid common mistakes.

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How to measure your wall

Measuring your wall is a crucial step. Read this quick guide to help you take the measurements right. 

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How to prep your wall

A good preparation is key to ensure that your wall mural will adhere properly, to avoid bubbling and last for a very long time.

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How to install your wall mural

Our wall murals are easy to install, but reading this guide will make the process even easier!

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How to remove your wall mural

Time to take down your wall mural or change the design? Make sure to learn the best practice.

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How to hire an installer

Not the handy type? Check this guide to learn how to hire the right installer for your project!

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