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How to order your repeat pattern wallpaper

Choose a pattern

Browse hundreds of curated and exclusive repeat pattern designs. From Tropical vibes to classic geometric shapes, you'll be sure to find a pattern you love!

Choose the scale and paper type

Our repeat pattern wallpapers come in 3 different scales - Small, Medium and Large - and several paper types. More choices for more possibilities!

Choose the number of panels

Our repeat pattern wallpapers are sold by the panel. All panels are 24" wide and come in several heights. Order as many panels as you need!

"Repeat Pattern Wallpaper" vs "Wall Murals" ?


Eazywallz "Repeat Pattern Wallpapers" are patterned designs that repeat along the width and height of your wall, whereas, "Wall Murals" are a single image that would span the full width and height of your wall. Our repeat pattern wallpapers are offered in all our paper types!

Featured Wallpaper

Infuse your space with vibrant joy using our Festive Flowers Wallpaper. Bursting with color and vitality, this stunning wallpaper celebrates the exuberance of festive blooms. Each petal and hue dances together in a harmonious celebration, bringing a lively energy to your room.

Whether in a living area or bedroom, this high-quality wallpaper adds a touch of cheer and a vibrant focal point to uplift your space with the spirit of joyous festivities.

Repeat Pattern Wallpaper FAQs

Browse hundreds of curated designs and patterns in our repeat pattern collections. Choose between 3 pattern scales: Small, Medium and Large or if you have your own file you would like to use send it our way, we will create the pattern and scale for you. Our repeat patterns are sold by the panel. Order as many as you need to cover any surface no matter the size! Sizes come in 24" wide by your choice of 96", 108", 120", 132" or 144" height.

Eazywallz Repeat Pattern Wallpaper are patterned designs that repeat along the width and height of your wall, just like traditional wallpaper. Wall Murals are one full image that would span the full width and height of your wall.

We print our Repeat Pattern Wallpaper in panels of 24" wide by 96", 108", 120", 132" and 144" height. To determine the number of panels needed for your wall you will need to measure your space (width x height in inches) and then divide that by 24" (which represents one panel). That will tell you how many panels you need. The height of the wall measured will tell you which panel height you should choose. For example, if your wall is 144" W x 96" H you will order 6 panels of 24" W x 96" H. 

Please note, we print our Repeat Pattern Wallpaper to exact size ordered so if you think you may need extra for good measure please account for that in your order.

Our Repeat Pattern collections come in all of the Eazywallz signature materials. Whether you're looking for something for your residential space that is removable without damage or something for a commercial project that will provide durability for high traffic areas, we have it all! 

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