21 Design Tips To Help You Choose The Right Wall Mural for your Home

21 Design Tips To Help You Choose The Right Wall Mural for your Home

Venturing into the wallpaper or wall mural world could be a daunting task for some. There's so many things you need to consider in order to choose the right wall mural for your home. From patterns and colours to textures and breath taking scenes, wall murals will change your walls in an instant. 

The main question is what do I choose to put up? So we compiled a list of 21 design tips to help you choose the right wall mural for your home.

1. Inspiration: The first thing you should do is get a feel of what is in style and what looks good. So browse through thousands of pins on good pinterest boards and start saving what you like best. 

2. Samples: If you are looking to get a large scale piece it is highly recommended to get a sample before applying a huge mural. Check out our samples where you can order a personalized sample because not all colours come out the way they look on the computer screen. 

3. Choosing Wall Mural Colours: This is an important tip in choosing the right wall mural for your home because you have to make sure not to clash with the other colours in your home decor look. Ideal Home's Wall Mural Project Tips says "Use the mural as your guide for accent colours elsewhere in the room to bring the whole scheme together. It should be the focal point, so try not to pick patterns or hues that will fight against it."

 forest fog wall mural eazywallz

4. Choose Removable Wallpaper: Make sure you get a removable material that is mess free and easy to use. Some Wall Mural companies like eazywallz offers a fantastic removable thin canvas wall mural where you can remove and even re-use after a period of time. Liz Kamural offers a great insight in the eazywallz installation process on her blog article Peel and Stick wallpaper: How to

Liz Kamural Peel and stick wall mural installation process

Liz Kamural mountains of portugal wall mural

5. Choose your interior Design Style:  When choosing a wallpaper for your space make sure it fits with your interior design style. Take a look at Fresh Home's Top 5 Interior Design Styles to find which style fits you best to help you choose the right wall mural for your home.


6. Choose your Preferred Style: Fads come and go and in order to not find your self in this trap is to go with your preferred natural style. Houzz's 10 tips for finding the right wallpaper says "Whether your look leans traditional or modern, there really is a wallpaper to suit your taste — so there’s no need to force yourself into a choice that doesn’t feel totally you."

7. Wall Murals for Small Rooms: When choosing a wall mural for a smaller room stay away from darker colours to not make you feel closed in. Huffington Post's 11 things you need to know before choosing wallpaper says "Instead, go with a large, fantastical print, such as one of botanicals or birds. The oversized design creates the optical illusion that the walls are bigger."

vintage world map wall mural

8. Open Up Space: If you are choosing a small spaced wall mural go with a forest or landscape wall mural. These wall murals tend to open up your home with beautiful scenery and the dark green is really in style these days!

dark green forest wall mural

9. Clean and Modern Feel: If you are looking for something not too busy but still offers a great unique style to showcase on a wall go with a geometric wall mural.

 geometry pattern wall mural

10. Marble Wall Mural: Marble wall mural looks are really in trend in 2018 so get the look you want with these textured wall murals without spending that load of cash for the real thing. Check out this article on Faux textures from eazywallz.

Blue Marble Wall Mural from Eazywallz 


11. Covering all 4 walls: If you are looking to cover all 4 walls here is some expert tips from the spruce about covering 4 walls in your home "A classic, simple stripe design hung horizontally on all four walls gives a fresh contemporary look. Large scale and simple designs will not overwhelm a room but add a trendy twist." 

clouds wall mural eazywallz tips for your home

12. Covering 1 wall: If you're looking to cover 1 wall, The spruce.com's design tips tell you to "Choose a dramatic, bold pattern to highlight an area of a room, such as behind a sofa or bed. Designs with a hint of metallic, mica, or gloss will give a classy, glamorous touch."

eiffel tower wall mural

13. Bathroom Wall Mural: If you worry about installing a mural in your bathroom due to the wet splashes and humidity then choose the lamination option on eazywallz. This prevents the mural from being effected by these elements. With this in mind, the bathroom is a great place to install a natural look like any landscape wall mural that will let you escape! Check out 5 ways to spruce up your bathroom from eazywallz

mountain sunset wall mural for bathroom

14. Vintage Looks: With so much detail, incorporating these wall murals can sometimes be too much of a distraction when entering the room. Some of Eazywallz's vintage wall murals and some of their black and white wall murals provide settle detail and design to provide a perfect wall art piece for any home decor theme.

vintage 1972 scene wall mural home tip

15. Colours: When it comes to choosing the colour of the wall mural try and stay with the flow of colours already in the room. This will create a consistent look and will fit in very nice. 

16. Black and White: Nancy Mitchell from Apartment Therapy's The Big, Bold Element that Always Makes the Room says "A mural is a big, bold element, so when adding one to a room it's wise to keep the other items in it fairly restrained, to keep things from being too chaotic. If you want to add a mural to a room that already has a bit of colour, consider a greyscale one"


17. Design Style: How to choose a wall mural from Decor Dezine.com tells us "If your home is decorated in a modern minimalistic décor, then a Victorian era ornate and showy wall mural will totally look out-of-place. You need a clean, contemporary wall mural that echoes the modern interior decoration style. If you have a more country or shabby chic style of decoration, then the wall mural should reflect this decorating style." 

Watch this Kitchen Revamp From Nadia G. to show you how to design to your style


18. Placement: DIYnetwork's Tips and tricks for wall murals says "The first thing to consider is placement. Single-wall murals turn one area of the room into a focal point, while all-encompassing murals can turn the entire room into a visual experience."  

19. Going Tropical: If you live in a area with unhappy weather try going tropical with some beach wall murals. The tropical beach murals provide an array of colour to really bring out the wall mural and will be the focal point in any room. Use these cool wallpaper photos in places where it gets no sunlight! 

tropical beach wall mural

20. Ocean and Wave Wall Mural Looks: Seascape wall murals provide a larger than life feel for your walls. Oceans either have a calming and endless feel to it or you can go with an action packed wave. Use wave murals with a surfer for a cool sports look or go with a tranquil endless ocean for a simplistic calm look. 

surf wave wall mural for your home

21. Have Fun!: Our last tip is just to have fun when choosing your wall mural. In the end, if you choose a wall mural that best fits your personality than there is no wrong choice!

Watch how much Violet has with her new wall mural on Scott Mcgillivray's house call show!

Choosing the right mural can help in giving your home interiors a boost. Use the tips above to help you choose the best wall mural for your home or business and remember to always use your gut feeling! 

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