21 Phenomenal Black and White Wallpaper & Wall Mural Ideas

Black and White art has been around for ages and it is no doubt one of the most popular effects of not only in photography but also art in general. So what is it with black and white photography that is so popular?

Firstly, one of the most important things is that working in black and white strips the image to its core. Which can include the substance, structure, and light. The basic premise is that there is no color to distract the audience from the core elements of the black and white photo.

When relating to home décor and wall murals, black and white murals must achieve a cohesive effect with furniture and surroundings in order to not distract the eye from the elements of all removable wall murals.

Below we have 21 amazing black and white wallpaper murals that can be used in any space including your home, office, or business.

1. A lot of wall mural ideas include world map wallpaper images. With so many different varieties of world maps to choose from you can match your home decor theme very easily. Check out this awesome black and white map that you can use in any room or space.

world map wall mural

2. Black and white floral wallpaper offers a beautiful look that is easy to look at. These black and white patterns offer elegance in a perfect modern or chic home. Here are 25 modern ways to use floral wallpaper from fresh home if you need some inspiration!

floral black wallpaper

3. Abstract or 3d wall murals can enhance your home by offering a different dimension to your wall. Black and white geometric murals or awesome abstract street art can be a beautiful display in your trendy home.

abstract oil painting wall mural wallpaper easywallz

4. If you love nature then bring the outdoors in and use a forest wall mural or forest wallpaper that adds depth to a closed in room. 15 Remarkable Landscape & Forest Wallpaper for your bedroom offers a couple of forest murals to choose from. Check out this awesome forest wall mural from dig dig.

forest wall murals eazywallz wallpaper trees nature

5. Vintage custom wall murals could also add some history to your home decor. Black and white vintage wall murals inject a sense of nostalgia and creates a warm feeling in your space. Check these design details from HGTV from Emily Clark. The vintage surf wallpaper is a perfect addition in the living room!

vintage wallpaper mural

6. Simple black and white illustrations adds character to your walls and its versatility allows you to choose any room to install it in. Use simple sketches for your kid's bedroom or fun illustrations for your restaurant.

city illustrations wallpaper

7. Dark cloud wall murals are also a great way to add a soft touch to your wall decor. Check out this great accent wall mural in these wall mural ideas by dig dig.
Marble texture is a great way to add a classy feel to your home. It works great in kitchens and you don't have to break the bank on real marble.

dark clouds wall mural

8. Landscape & Nature removable wallpaper is also a great way to bring the outdoors in your home decor. Choose a dreamy nature scene like mountains in New Zealand or ocean waves in Hawaii.

9. Black paint strokes wallpaper is another great look to add to your mural wall art. It adds texture to your walls while fitting in seamlessly with any color in your space. Check out this wall mural from the writing on the wall from damask et dentelle.

10. Old White Brick wallpaper is also a great way to get a brick wall without any hassle.

11. Black and white statues provide an amazing look to your decor. The settle details make all the difference!

12. Damask wallpaper is a staple in the wallpaper world. The chic style provides a one-of-a-kind look that will never lose its look. A simple black and white damask wallpaper is also a great choice in any teen girl chic bedroom.

13. Black and white street art is also a great wall mural idea for boys bedrooms. The artsy look adds character to the walls and fits great in any theme. Check out this illustrated wall mural from REMIXliving on Houzz.

14. Vintage sports wall murals is also a great style for your kid's bedroom or man cave. Interior designer DKOR adds an awesome vintage baseball mural on houzz.

15. If you're looking for a more settled look, add black and white birds. The flock of sparrows wall mural is a great choice for a black and white wall mural.

16. Using a golden gate bridge in black and white is a great look to add depth and style to your space and really opens up any space. Garris Jones Design uses this golden gate bridge wall mural on Houzz to open up this living room.

17. Black and white cityscapes are a great look for offices and corporate boardrooms. These skyline wall murals are sleek and settle.

18. Using concrete textures is also a must in modern interior decor. This look provides remarkable texture that looks like the real deal.

19. Horse wallpaper is also a go-to in girls bedrooms and any rustic themed interior decor. These majestic animals are almost perfect in black and white.

20. Check out this vintage Broadway posters wall mural that provides a one-of-a-kind look.

vintage wall mural

21. Marble texture is a great way to add a classy feel to your home. It works great in kitchens and you don't have to break the bank on real marble.


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