EazyWallz Guide to Bathroom Wallpaper

Decorating your bathroom with wallpaper is one of the most exciting interior design jobs. Rather than spending your time in a functional and simple bathroom, jazz up your space with a creative bathroom wallpaper design you’ll love.

There are endless possibilities when designing your bathroom - from clean and contemporary to ambient and cozy. Simply adding wallpaper, you can add texture and create a huge impact.

bathroom wallpaper mural


Is it safe to wallpaper your bathroom walls?

Initially, the thought of placing wallpaper in your bathroom would seem like a crazy idea. The steam from your bathtub and shower would eventually cause the wallpaper to peel, so it is common to question whether you should place wallpaper in this area.

It is completely safe to install wallpaper in many bathrooms. It is also normal to see some lifting due to the condensation and warm temperatures, However, Eazywallz can assure you that this is nothing to worry about.

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The way in which many homes have been built over the past 50 years means that they stay at about room temperature. Even the bathroom which is connected to your air conditioning and heating system, means it is being completely climate controlled.

The most popular time for wallpaper was in the Victorian era. The Victorians had the same heat that we did and their wallpaper is most definitely still hanging in homes today.  

Marble Bathroom Wall Mural

If your wallpaper was to fall away from your shower, then you have a case of lingering humidity. Your bathroom may be misty and humid when you first get out of the bath or shower, but the humidity shouldn’t linger for more than 10 minutes or so. If you see mold or mildew then you may have a problem. Many homes are equipped with an exhaust fan to ventilate the room and help to remove the chances of mold that can affect your wallpaper.

 Misty forest bathroom mural wallpaper

Choosing Wallpaper for your Bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place to begin any interior decorating as it is one of the most used areas of the home. You can experiment and create accent walls and have fun creating your own personalised masterpiece!

monstera leaf wallpaper mural for your bathroom


What Bathroom Wallpaper is the best?

EazyWallz would typically recommend the HP Pre-Pasted Wallpaper if you wanted a removable option without the possibility of damage. For a more permanent option, then our Digiscpape or Type II wallpaper is a perfect choice.

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From an environmental standpoint, The Pre-Pasted wallpaper and Digiscpape material is 100% green material and are both commercial wallpaper so have extremely high durability. For the ultimate durability Type II Vinyl is fabulous! It is moisture and mildew resistant, therefore making it the perfect wallpaper for high humidity bathrooms.

For this to work seamlessly, it is recommended that all of these wallpaper options be installed on a smooth, primed and painted wall.

pier landscape nature bathroom wallpaper mural

Looking at the bathroom wallpaper trend today, wrapping the full room truly gives your bathroom that wow factor. Another way to use wallpaper in your bathroom would be to use it above wainscoting to lighten up the room if it’s quite a small space.

Another little bathroom trick is using some removable wallpaper as a feature wall. This is low cost and gives a great impression on the room.

These are the best options for a bathroom wallpaper refresh. So, for all your bathroom wallpaper needs, contact Eazywallz at 1.877.631.3299 today!