Interior Trends to look out for: Fall 2021

Interior Trends to look out for: Fall 2021

As fall is creeping upon us and we begin the new school year. There is a definite trend of prevalent interiors that are the front runners so far this year. There’s been a surge in florals, ombre and bringing the outdoor in to name just a few...

So you don’t miss out on the fall trends for this year, Eazywallz has got you covered with the trends you need to have in your home.

  1. Bringing the Outdoors In

To incorporate the spellbinding beauty of the outdoors into your home then take a look at some stunning scenic murals.  From mystic forests to panoramic views from the top of the mountains, these scenic panoramic views are enough to make anyone want to explore the great outdoors. Find out how to transform your home and escape into nature

forest nature wallpaper murals
nature wallpaper murals forest removable wallpaper
    2. Ombre

      For a beautiful composition of subtle pastels to dark hues, why not jump onto the biggest trend of 2021 so far - Ombre! Incorporate pinks and oranges for a bright contrast or follow a theme to reminisce on the summer with the beachfront and crystal clear oceanic waters for a blue utopian ombre you just can’t find anywhere else. For inspiration on the latest ombre trends, click here

      ombre wallpaper murals
      ombre murals wallpaper
        3. Japanese Minimalism

          Warm earthy tones are at the forefront of this design and personify the idea of curling up by the fire. Using natural and rustic textures and the bare essential details you’ll personify the Japandi concept. For a serene and uncluttered aesthetic, Japanese minimalism really is a step in the right direction.

          japanese minimalism wave
            4. Cottage Core

              This is a floral design that makes you think you’ve stepped back in time. For a slightly outdated and busy aesthetic, this is the perfect combination. This is a design concept that will perfectly suit any budding interior designer that loves mixing old and new elements together.

              This Cottage Core trend can also be termed a ‘Grandmillenial’ style due to the current generation rebelling against the previous one. From this, homes are furnished with mid-century modern interiors, bold, clashing color patterns, looking to the earlier generations for inspiration. Our most recent blog explores the cottage core trend in greater detail.

              floral vintage wallpaper mural
              floral vintage florals

              With such an eclectic mix of designs, which of these beautiful trends will you be incorporating within your home?

              To embrace these trends within your home, contact Eazywallz on 1.877.631.3299 today!