Romantic Room Ideas

Valentine's day is right around the corner, which has inspired us to get romantic with our interior ideas.

If you are a romantic at heart, there are so many interior options available to add a touch of boudoir chic to your room. Whether you want to opt for a rich velvet and floral pattern, or even add some old-style hollywood glamour to your bedroom with satin and dark red tones paired with richly textured rugs. There are a plethora of romantic designs and colors to choose from, each one as loving and intimate as the other.

Need some inspiration? Eazywallz have you covered…

Fabulous Florals

Nothing screams elegant beauty quite like  romantic floral pieces - a nod to the picturesque countryside and outdoor space.

Flowers have etched their way as a traditional symbol of romance for centuries, with their fleeting and fragile beauty that can be depicted in a wide array of colors. Whether it’s dark and daring bold prints, or those natural watercolour brush strokes, shades and tones that exude femininity, florals are a beautiful way of capturing nature in its full bloom and adding romance to your indoor space. Moreover, floral wallpaper has a nostalgic feel that can transport you back to a hazy hot summer lying in the green pastures with the beams of sunlight kissing your skin.

flower removable wallpaper

One of the major benefits of flowers is that they are available in a wide array of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. Take our vase of flowers wall mural as an example. This wallpaper combines soft shades of coral, peach, turquoise and purple , all set against a dark black backdrop, accentuating their colors and bringing the artwork to life. Indeed, it’s really easy to choose flowers to match different personalities depending on the type of preference and styles that you’re trying to achieve.

It’s all in the details

Finishing touches can either make or break a romantic interior space, much of which can be achieved by simplistic accessories and touches that are personal to you. As aforementioned, that botanical theme and flower incorporation as a little accessory is a fantastic way of cleansing the air, relieving stress and maintaining an all round positive psychological mindset. Harvard university has tested the overall benefits of flowers within one's home, with those who incorporated them having a noticeable increase in their overall mood as well as a heightened compassion for others - everything a little bit of romance requires, right?

Aside from florals, personalisation is also a fantastic way of creating a unique and romantic interior that can be appreciated for years to come. Indeed, personalised gifts and interiors speak directly to the homeowners heart. They help develop a stronger connection with loved ones that keeps getting better with time. For example, precious pictures and/or snapshots of a special day or occasion allows people to take a dip in the sea of nostalgia. Creating your own unique picture collage or mural within your interior space allows you to relive memories when you turn each corner within your home or enter that special romantic room, helping you express the gesture of love, gratitude and appreciation in a unique way.

Keep it classy

Romance is not just limited to your traditional red and pink tones. Monotone - or more recently known as ‘monochromatic chic’ - can also be a fruitful design option. Maintaining a fairly limited palette is not only a favourable trend within the interior spaces currently, but it’s also a fabulous way of avoiding overpowering your interior with bodacious designs that may not necessarily speak to you and/or your partner.

If there’s one thing for certain, it's that neutrals are a great backdrop for a variety of home furnishings. The most common colours used to create a romantic atmosphere include pastel peaches, captivating greys and creamy white - all of which can be nicely layered with a bolder print to truly create mood in your space. Indeed, when romanticizing your interior, opting for those contemporary and modern monochromatic colors allows you to incorporate darker hues or bright colours within the accessories.

monochromatic wall mural

Create a Cozy Corner

Every room requires a cosy respite to relax and unwind after a long day. If you’re home is blessed with spacious square footage, then this comfortable boudoir can be located within its own dedicated room. If you lack that, then creating a cosy corner has the same effect. Think fluffy pillows, throws, sofas, love chairs combined with pendant lights and vintage bulbs to produce a light that emulates a candle lit dinner - the perfect setting to relax in!

cozy wallpaper mural living room

In contrast to monochrome, soft and cosy furnishing enables you to be more opulent with your wall decor designs, too. Incorporating unique wall murals like our ‘retro heart shape tape wall mural’ or our ‘soft clouds wall mural’ can be the perfect statement piece to create instant mood within your cozy, romantic space. Self-care and love is truly important, so creating artwork and decor that accentuates that will infuse your home with the positive aura and energy it so desperately needs.


So, are you looking to renovate your room into a romantic ibis? For the most intense and beautiful décor designs, shop our online store today!