Influencer Aesthetics

Influencers are moving from fashion to interior design…

Indeed, Hilary George-Parkin wrote a detailed article in a 2017 Fashionista story titled “why fashion bloggers are evolving into home decor influencers.” Well, four years and a pandemic later and it seems that this statement holds true.

This then begs the question, why were fashion influencers venturing into more home-furnished domain?

The answer is a fairly simplistic one. Fashion and interior style typically come hand-in-hand and have a simpatico relationship. While fashion is often depicted as an art that is utilised to convey an individual's character and personality, the same rules apply for home-design. Moreover, 2020 saw an increased interest by consumers focused on influencer backgrounds and aesthetics as opposed to just their clothing details. Consequently, as George-Parkins puts it ‘our homes became [inflencers] next logical frontier with which to express their particular stamps of style.

Influencers Changing Ways

Fashion is a form of self-expression and as many design enthusiasts stipulate, it tells a story about our personality. Specific furnishing and focal points around your home or within specific rooms tells viewers a little bit about you, whether it's a stylish sofa or a maximalist wall mural. It may sometimes cost more than a piece of fashion - depending upon how high-end you go - but it’s a better investment as now, more than ever, you’ll be spending more time within your home than you would in your a clothing item. 

Displaying these treasures also tells a story, often by choosing colours that shows your personality and creates a space that is their own. So for iinfluencers, interior and design aesthetic choices all contribute to their self-brand, acting as “a symbolic prop in the background of a photo”.

Influencer Key Style Trends

So what are some key influencer interior design trends at the moment?

Neutral, Neutrals, Neautrals

Grey and white are an eternal fashion favourite, particular when speaking about interiors. This interior aesthetic, often dubbed the ‘scandi trend’, is based on the desire to live a simpler life. Minimalism - at least in one room - is a rising influence style utilised as a backdrop for their outfit pictures on instagram and various social platforms. With a white or neutral background, it allows their bright outfits and personality to stand out.

Scandinavian Wall Murals


Indeed, Gray has become this color that’s synonymous with good taste. It’s not seen as dull or drab or boring anymore—it’s seen as very elegant and desirable. Then there’s also the glamour trend – a sprinkle of sequins here and elaborate embellishments there, each demarcated their opulent and exclusive style. 

Grey and white also allow you to dictate the atmosphere of a room through tones, textures and scent, generating an overwhelming sense of relaxation in many home interior environments - a factor that cannot be achieved in a dark room. 


‘New Century Modern’

Another huge interior style that many influencers are opting for is the push towards “new century modern”. This style is synonymous with casual comfort, simplicity and warm hues combined with rich textures. Earthy tones are extremely favourable within the influencer and interior worlds. I guess in some respects we can attribute this popularity to the continuous push for sustainability within the home. Think botanical wallpaper, or cork interior features as well as animal prints adorned on the walls.

botanical wallpaper mural

This also links nicely with the integrated of real life flowers - spotted within many influencer posts. With 2020 consisting of indoor restrictions, brining the outdoors in is a hot trend that influencers and consumers have hopped on to provide their own slice of sanctuary whilst isolating.

still floral wall mural



As we said before, interior and fashion is a way of expressions ones personality. This means that whilst some influencers have decorated their homes and photo backgrounds neutral, others have adopted a maximalism charm with a funky interior style represented by layered patterns, textiles, wallpaper and lots of color.

Bright, bold colours are all compelling attributes on social media platforms, grabbing ones attention and drawing them back to the photo - so it’s a no-brainers that many of these instagram moguls have opted for bold prints as a backdrop for their coveted pics.



The love of exuberance within the home allows individuals to express and reflect their character and taste - all key attributes to their huge social following. Carefully selected pieces, such as marble wallpaper or bright pink wallpaper all add a element of joy within the home. 


marble wallpaper


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